Painting Experiment


Sheesh, I just realized that my last blog post was from the 27th of February! Talk about getting behind. I apologize for the relative silence. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and work has been very busy. Naturally, that means I’ve been doing a lot of client work that I can’t share and haven’t had much time for other stuff. Though, if you follow me on Instagram you can see a lot more of my sketching/painting.

So this is one of my latest watercolor paintings. I am currently obsessed with using my one Kuretake waterbrush pen. It’s made mostly for painting on the go, but I also really like it for my other painting except  that it’s a little small. There is a line of about 4-5 of them and I’d love to get them all. I feel like it gives me more control over how much water I put on the page and it has such a smooth feel. Not to mention the portability factor.

Anyway, after reading Glyn Dillon’s The Nao of Brownwhich is a gorgeous book that you should all read, I decided to try painting with watercolor over pencil. Dillon creates his comics in pencil but then prints the pencils onto watercolor paper so I was just sure that painting directly over the pencil would lead to a smeared lead distaster but it didn’t. Lately, I’ve been feeling like my process is too complex – I draw each illustration in too many stages and the resulting image can be stiffer than I intended. So by using pencil as the final drawing stage I get to leave off one round of redrawing. I do still love inking, though and I will probably go back and forth between the two techniques.

And if you didn’t noticed, I added a Print Shop tab to the navigation on my site. If you’re looking for prints of my work, hit it up!