Illustration is About to Make a Comeback


I can feel it in my bones. The illustration industry is about to make a huge comeback.

With the incredible amount of content available on the internet people are striving to stand out. Whether you are selling a product, publishing books or magazines, selling your services or just your opinions you need people to pay attention.

You need to be unique.

What better way to stand out from your competitors than by using commissioned illustration? Illustrators create something completely original that says exactly what you need it to say and conveys the exact feelings you want to convey.

Recently I have seen an increase in the number of in-house illustration jobs being advertised (a tiny increase, but still). While the economy is  struggling and budgets are low, illustration is still the best value for those that truly want to stand out and be noticed.

It can be disheartening to open up a magazine to see it filled with photography. If these magazines used more illustration in tandem with the photography both would look more interesting.

I don’t mean this to sound like an advertisement for illustration, though that’s not such a bad thing. I mean it to sound encouraging to my fellow illustrators. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be making more money from my work (wouldn’t we all?), I just have a sense that illustration can’t be as devalued as it’s been forever. The pendulum always swings back in the other direction.

Let’s heed the words of Jessica Hische and Ben O’Brien, take pride in our work and look ahead to another “Golden Age” of illustration.

How can we work to improve the status of illustration?

Hatch! For IF: Chicken



This is a piece I have been working on for months! Here is a previous post with some progress shots. The original sketch of this was created for Illustration Friday and now the finished product is also an Illustration Friday piece! Life and other projects got in the way of this one for much too long and when I came back to it I was a bit wishy washy on how I wanted to color it. The decision has now been made and the piece is finished!

You can purchase a print of this piece over on Society6 as well.

Busy, Busy, Busy

So, I’ve been a very poor blogger lately and I apologize. As you may know, my fiance and I are getting married in less than two weeks and now is the time when all those little things start to come up – and they usually take longer than expected.  I’ve also been working on revamping my website so that my portfolio and blog are all under my own domain name. Hopefully that will be finished before the wedding.

To tide you over until I have either a new website or some new work I can show you (I can’t show you any of the work I’m doing for the children’s book yet), I’ve posted another work in progress shot of Hatch. This is a piece that started as an Illustration Friday sketch and has taken on a whole new life. I love inking, so this has been really fun despite some art supply malfunctions. My Tachikawa School-G pen is officially dead (after only a few months) and I need to invest in better quality ink (my Speedball is getting dry and gunky), but the up side is that I was able to use my new Tachikawa wooden nib holder and comic nib that I hadn’t had an opportunity to try yet. Turns out I love them!

We’ll be back from the honeymoon in early May, but I hope to get another post up before the wedding. Thanks for reading!

IF: Perspective

Here is my entry for Illustration Friday this week. Even the cutest, fluffiest creatures can be terrifying depending on your perspective!

I was a little ill this weekend, so I took the opportunity to rest up and get some more digital painting practice in.  It’s working for me so far and I’m pretty confident that I will be coloring most of my work this way in the future.  I also wanted to practice doing a little chick because my “Hatch” drawing is still in progress and I was curious to see how the chick would come out digitally.