Don’t Trash Wildlife


A few weeks after finishing a few illustrations for The Humane Society’s All Animals publication, they came back for a spread for their kids’ publication, Kind News. The issue that this appears in will be released on October 15th. The spread is a worksheet teaching kids not to pollute or otherwise trash wildlife. Above is the original illustration and below is the final page.


The Divinity of Dogs – Illustrations for The Humane Society


Last month, I created a series of illustrations and illustrated text for The Humane Society of the United States’ member publication All Animals. I was amused when I spotted the issue in the wild while waiting with my dog at the vet’s office last week.

The article was titled “The Divinity of Dogs” and I was tasked with illustrating various stories about the divine nature of the authors’ dogs.


Below you can see all of the illustrations as they were laid out in the magazine. These were a pleasure to work on especially since, as a kid, I loved drawing animals – dogs especially – so drawing the various breeds of dog was good fun. Although, drawing the boxy body of a rottweiler walking towards the viewer was a serious challenge.