IF: Cocoon

I’m letting another illustration do double-duty for this week’s Illustration Friday topic, “Cocoon.” Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time for the weekly competition but wanted to show how much I enjoy participating! This is a piece I originally did for the topic “Entangled.”

Busy, Busy, Busy

So, I’ve been a very poor blogger lately and I apologize. As you may know, my fiance and I are getting married in less than two weeks and now is the time when all those little things start to come up – and they usually take longer than expected.  I’ve also been working on revamping my website so that my portfolio and blog are all under my own domain name. Hopefully that will be finished before the wedding.

To tide you over until I have either a new website or some new work I can show you (I can’t show you any of the work I’m doing for the children’s book yet), I’ve posted another work in progress shot of Hatch. This is a piece that started as an Illustration Friday sketch and has taken on a whole new life. I love inking, so this has been really fun despite some art supply malfunctions. My Tachikawa School-G pen is officially dead (after only a few months) and I need to invest in better quality ink (my Speedball is getting dry and gunky), but the up side is that I was able to use my new Tachikawa wooden nib holder and comic nib that I hadn’t had an opportunity to try yet. Turns out I love them!

We’ll be back from the honeymoon in early May, but I hope to get another post up before the wedding. Thanks for reading!

IF: Subterranean

This week for Illustration Friday I decided to create this image of pandas in their den.  I have a panda-related idea for a children’s picture book that I would like to explore so I’ve been itching to paint something featuring pandas.  This isn’t as finished as I would have liked, but I really wanted to get it in under the wire!

I also have some good news to share with all of my blog readers.  My fiance, Chris, was accepted to the University of Denver’s PhD program in Creative Writing!  Chris and I will be moving to Denver this summer!  I’m so proud of him and we’re both thrilled.  Denver is a beautiful city and we’ve both felt ready to leave New York City for awhile now.  Now to start my job search!

IF: Perspective

Here is my entry for Illustration Friday this week. Even the cutest, fluffiest creatures can be terrifying depending on your perspective!

I was a little ill this weekend, so I took the opportunity to rest up and get some more digital painting practice in.  It’s working for me so far and I’m pretty confident that I will be coloring most of my work this way in the future.  I also wanted to practice doing a little chick because my “Hatch” drawing is still in progress and I was curious to see how the chick would come out digitally.