New Editorial Illustration: Obligatory Baby



After coming down off of a few big projects, I decided to give myself an editorial assignment to help keep me thinking critically and to help beef up my portfolio.

This piece is very personal and reflects my current attitudes about having a baby. Many of the people I went to high school and college with have multiple children already, but we are nowhere near ready for that. We both have a lot of things we want to do and accomplish before a child comes along. In fact, sometimes we think about whether we should have a child at all, but we know we would probably regret it if we didn’t.

I’m experimenting with some new illustration techniques and this was my first attempt at using pencil lines instead of inked lines. For future pieces, I want the pencil lines to be even sketchier. I drew this piece out in blue pencil and then went over it with regular lead, so it lost some of the looseness it had in the beginning. I do like working with the pencils though. I find it’s easier to let the texture of the paper remain as part of the illustration which is an effect I’ve been trying to create artificially.

This piece is available as a print on Society6.

I’m Back!

So, after weeks of blogging silence, I’m back and can now officially call myself Mrs. Michelle Kondrich! My new husband and I jetted off to Greece for a week and had an amazing time. We stayed in beautiful hotels and everywhere we turned we had incredible views of the sea and other islands. We also had some of the best seafood we’ve ever had. If you’re ever in Santorini, look up La Maison for delicious caramelized octopus or Ambrosia for great service, a great view and great food.

With the wedding planning behind me, I’ve hit the ground running with work on two different children’s book projects as well as some other personal work. I hope to have some things to share very soon. We still have to plan our move to Denver this summer, but after such a wonderful vacation I feel recharged (aside from the jet lag) and ready to focus on my work and where I want my career to go.

Thanks for reading and I plan to be much more active on the blog in the coming weeks. Oh! And my piece, Metal Menagerie, is currently featured on the Society6 Shop! It is available for sale as a print and as a T-shirt!

Good for You, Good for the Earth

I’m so excited to finally be debuting my new website! You can now find all Michelle Kondrich related news and info in one convenient place. Thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog and visiting my portfolio site. Please be sure to update any subscriptions and bookmarks so you can continue to stay up to date.

So much has been going on these days, aside from the wedding next week. I’m working on illustrations for a children’s book loosely based on the Three Little Pigs and I’m also writing and illustrating a children’s short story for an anthology that will hopefully be on it’s way to Up! Fair this year. I was thrilled to be invited to participate and it will be a great opportunity for everyone involved. I’ve also started to think about my freelance career and what I want to do when we get to Denver in August. I’m toying with the idea of jumping right into freelance work and finding an interesting part-time job. This is a chance for me to really do what I want to do, so I have to take it!

Above is an editorial illustration I did for my company’s newsletter.