Drawing Experiments





Over the last 6 months or so I’ve been struggling to find an illustration technique that feels more natural for me. Drawing has always been my favorite part but the process of coloring with Photoshop is something I have to work very hard to get right.

I’ve been a fan of dip pens for a long time, but lately I’ve had some trouble with them on Bristol. Maybe I have cheap ink and maybe I need better paper, but I just wasn’t getting the results I was looking for. After looking at Dan Berry’s work, I decided to try my dip pen on some watercolor paper and above are the results. Clearly my ink is either not as waterproof as it claims to be or I didn’t wait long enough for it to be fully dry, but I was so excited about the results. It was so much more fun!

I need to practice a lot more with ink wash and I need to use some higher quality brushes, but I really feel like I’m on to something. I’ve also ordered a small Winsor & Newton watercolor pocket set so I can slowly start incorporating light color washes into the work.

I’m pumped to try bigger and more involved illustrations this way!