Flight for Prospect Magazine


This week the August issue of Prospect Magazine was released and I am pleased to share an illustration I did for a fiction piece in the issue called “Flight” by Tessa Hadley. The story is about a woman who returns to the UK on business and takes the opportunity to meet her niece’s baby and to try to repair her relationship with her estranged sister.

My favorite part of this whole piece was creating the paisley pattern on the scarf. I love inking and/or painting imperfect patterns. It’s so satisfying to see the detail give the element a little more life and shape.

You can see the last illustration I did for Prospect Magazine here.

Animal, Vegetable for Prospect Magazine

Animal, Vegetable Prospect Magazine Editorial Illustration Kondrich

Last week, I had the pleasure of working on an illustration for Prospect magazine for a story that hit very close to home. The piece is a short story titled “Animal, Vegetable” by Kate Clanchy that is about “you” and your slightly higher achieving friend with the perfect life and the seemingly perfect daughter. Without giving too much away about the short story, it really tugs at the heartstrings of anyone with children so the fact that I have a six-month-old at home meant that I felt the pain of this story very intensely. I’m very happy to have had the chance to work on a story that I could connect with so personally.

Below are some process shots of the painting. Thanks to Creative Director, David Killen.



In this instance, painting in the background first was surprisingly satisfying. The figures as just negative space were striking. So much so that the thought crossed my mind that I should leave it this way. And below I briefly considered leaving all the flesh tones white to give it a more stylized look but, ultimately, it looked better completely painted in. It does make me want to try some of these techniques on future illustrations, though.