Recipe Comic Holiday Cards For Sale!



Many of you are probably already familiar with my recipe comics (if not, you can read them here). They are so fun to create that I thought I would do a couple of holiday recipes. I have now turned those holiday recipes into 2 accordion-fold greeting cards available for sale here.


These cards are a great way to go ┬áthat little extra step to show someone how much you care. Why’s that? Because these cards contain the ingredients and instructions for two full recipes, meaning the recipient can keep them and use them forever! They are delicious recipes that I have used at home on several occasions and I’m sure you will like them too.

The cards fold down to 4.5″ x 5.5″ and come with an A6 size envelope and shouldn’t need more than a standard stamp to mail. They are available now on Etsy – buy them in sets to get a bit of a discount on the price as well.


Sausage Farfalle and a Recipe Comics Page






I just finished yet another recipe comic for something that is a regular dish in our household – sausage farfalle with arugula and tomatoes. The last year or so I’ve been having a love affair with arugula; I’ll put it in just about anything.

I’ve had a couple of people on Twitter let me know what kinds of recipes they would like to see from me, but if you’ve got some requests, I’m all ears.

In addition to finishing another recipe comic, I’ve added a new Recipe Comics page to my site. They didn’t quite fit with my portfolio but I thought they deserved a spotlight too, beyond being buried in the archives of my blog.