Elementary School Visiting Illustrator


On Friday I made my first appearance as a visiting Illustrator to a local elementary school. A friend of mine from college is a teacher nearby and asked me to come speak to the 4th and 5th graders about being an Illustrator and how I come up with my ideas.

I was terrified! I had never taught anyone anything and have never felt all that comfortable going on about myself, but it actually went pretty well. The kids were very receptive and had lots of questions, including questions about how much I get paid, which was amusing – and difficult to answer.

Several of the kids were eager to show me their drawings after we finished a little exercise and lots of them wanted my autograph, which was so cute. A couple of kids even gave me their drawings.

Despite the fact that I was really nervous about the whole thing, I would definitely do more school visits. Now that I’ve got one under my belt I’ll know just how to prepare and just the right questions to ask to keep the kids really engaged.

If you are interested in having me visit your school, please get in touch. I don’t really have money to travel so if you are nearby or if you have a budget for visits I’m more than happy to talk to you about one.

Above is a quick little ink wash drawing I did about the experience.