More Watercolor Painting – The Squid


More watercolor painting experiments for me over the weekend. After getting a recommendation, I bought this carbon ink to replace my India ink. I sketched up this little squid (or big squid, since there’s nothing to compare it to) to try out the ink and to keep practicing with the watercolors. I’m still using some cheap watercolor paper, but I have some nicer paper that I will use when I start creating full illustrations this way.

The ink is great, by the way. It dried much faster than my India ink and didn’t bleed when I added the watercolors – regardless of how much water I used. It also flowed smoothly from my nib without clogging it up.

It’s been a long time since I’ve physically painted on paper and I forgot how much fun it is. It’s also nice to have something physical to show for the work. I always thought watercolors would be far too difficult for me – in reality it looks like I may be going in this direction in a more permanent way. The slightly unpredictable textures and effects I get with the paints are so much more interesting and natural for me than those I used in Photoshop.

I am not formally listing any of these paintings for sale, but if you’ve seen something that you are interested in purchasing, get in touch. Naturally, I am also available for commission if you’d like me to create something just for you!

On an unrelated note my husband, Christopher Kondrich, is a poet and writer whose first book will be published by Parlor Press in the fall. He has started a website/blog where you can read some of his work and get updates on the book and his readings. If you like poetry, I hope you’ll check it out!