Simon Wild’s ‘Fantastical Flying Machines’

Yesterday I came home to a package I had been eagerly awaiting: Simon Wild’s children’s book, Fantastical Flying Machines (written by Timothy Knapman and published by Macmillan children’s books). As if the book itself wasn’t enough, Simon also signed my copy. I hope he doesn’t mind, but my pictures came out fuzzy so I grabbed this shot from his website.



Simon is such an incredibly talented illustrator and he should be doing more children’s books, for sure. His sense of color and action is astounding. Even as an adult, I had a blast flipping through this book.

Simon is also a part of The Mighty Pencil with me and some other amazing illustrators. Check out the site for more work from him and a talent-heavy roster of artists. Here is a Tumblr post by Ben the Illustrator explaining a little more about the group and it’s beginnings.