Diary Comic – Bookstore Woes


I’ve managed to get out another diary comic this week. When I started inking it I left off the borders and I think it actually works nicely that way. Below is the sketch of the comic so you can see my process a little bit. I’m trying to get in a lot of comics practice right now because I’m working on a new, spooky all-ages comic for a project over at Illopond.com. That being said, if you have any critiques please pass them along! I have thick skin, I promise.



I’ve also been working with my character design for the spooky story (the working title is The Detention). I’m working on getting my protagonist just right so I thought I’d post a few more sketches of him for Sketchbook Month.

Sketchbook Month – Day 28


Today’s sketches for Sketchbook Month are some character sketches I’m working on. I’m creating a spooky comic story for a new Anthology over at Illopond. I think I’m getting close with the one in the lower right, but I’m still working on it.

Sketchbook Month – Day 24

Today’s sketch for Sketchbook Month is brought to you by our little post-neuter whippet puppy. He’s been making a giant fuss about wearing his cone and he finally slept in it this morning which will hopefully lead to a smoother night tonight.

Sketchbook Month – Days 22 & 23

Here are a few little character sketches I did and below is the first character cuddling with a polar bear.


Doing a sketch a day has been harder than I expected! I do so much drawing that’s not just for fun that it’s difficult sometimes to make my brain relax and just draw random stuff. This should prove to be a good exercise and hopefully I’ll keep up the habit as much as I can.

Currently, I’m finishing up the skate deck I’ve been working on, finishing up an illustration for the Village Voice (yay!), and working on a few personal projects. Also, you can now find my work over at Creative Boom in their LookBook.

Sketchbook Month – Day 21

I’ve been terrible at keeping up with Sketchbook Month lately. I’ve been drawing a lot, but mostly sketches for other projects that I don’t want to show until I’m finished. This sketch is for a personal project I’m working on.

Sketchbook Month – Day 15


I’m so behind on Sketchbook Month! Lately I’ve noticed a lack of variety in the people I draw, so I’m trying to practice drawing lots of different faces in all styles and shapes.

Sketchbook Month – Day 9 and 10


The end of this week got away from me, so I’m behind on my sketches! Here are sketches for Day 9 and Day 10. The good news is that I may have a little diary comic to post later today.

Sketchbook Month – Day 7

Today’s sketch for Sketchbook Month is inspired by our whippet puppy. He’s super energetic and smart, but if the leash is touching his leg at all, he refuses to move. I drew him in a mask and cape because I’ve been brainstorming for the Superheroes collaboration over at Society6.

Sketchbook Month – Day 4

Today I decided to do some character doodles for Sketchbook Month. I might be scrapping my original idea for an all-ages graphic novel, so I’m playing around with characters and hoping to find some story inspiration from them. I had read somewhere that it can be good to draw random shapes and then create unusual characters out of them, which is what I did this morning. I didn’t always stick to the shape exactly, but the whole point is just to get the creativity flowing.

March is Sketchbook Month – Days 1-3

What is Sketchbook Month?

“Illustrator¬†Cedric Hohnstadt has officially declared March 2011 to be Sketchbook Month and created this blog to celebrate. Contributors commit to doing at least one sketch each weekday for the entire month.”

I’m a few days late, but I am officially throwing my hat into the Sketchbook Month ring! Luckily, I’ve had more time for personal work lately and a few new projects that need lots of sketching, so I have a few catch-up sketches. Below are a few sketches for a new project and a quick color/value study for one of them. Generally speaking, my sketches are very loose but I plan to put up some more finished sketches for the rest of the month.