Business Superheroes & Villains for Imaginibbles

These are some custom business related superheroes and villains that I created for Imaginibbles. They are being used in their new book Think Sideways. The book is currently available online at a special rate until the book is published in print. Tamara and Kelly were amazing to work for and these were certainly fun illustrations to play with.





















Hero-Magnetic-Collaborate-Illustration-Kondrich    Villain-Action-Ice-Idea-Illustration-Kondrich




















Even Superheroes Commute

I finished my piece for the Superheroes collaborative show over at Society6 just in time. Now I just hope it gets into the show! I’d love to know what you think. I’ve been using a slightly different style of coloring and I’m still refining it, but I think it gives my illustrations more depth and interest.

Sketchbook Month – Day 8

Here is my sketch for Sketchbook Month Day 8. I’m working on my piece for Society6‘s Superheroes collaboration and this is the original sketch. I hope to have it completed tomorrow.

I would also like to announce that I now have a gallery over at Imagekind. I have prints for sale at Society6 but I think they only reach a limited audience, so I want to have a place to collect everything I have available. Check it out! I’ll be adding more work in the near future, but I wanted to get it up and running.