‘Detention’ at The Illustrated Section

Detention is a spooky, all-ages comic about a boy sent to a mysterious detention room. Recalling the tales of Franz Kakfa and the original Twilight Zone series, Detention will chill any kid to the bone.

And it is available now as an ebook over at The Illustrated Section!  Below is a little wordless sneak peek to help whet your comics appetite. Please help spread the word and leave reviews! Dani Jones has done such a fantastic job with The Illustrated Section. She’s doing a great thing for artists so not only can you support my work, but browse and support other artists while you’re at it.

The comic will be available in print in October along with Boo! A Spooky Anthology for Kids, the anthology that it was created for.


“DETENTION” is almost here!


At long last, my new mini-comic, “Detention,” is finished! Today I’m sending it off to be included in a new Illopond Anthology called “Boo!” It will be available as part of the anthology and soon you will be able to purchase a digital copy at The Illustrated Section or as a print copy on it’s own either through Ka-Blam or at the Alternative Press Expo where I’ll be tabling with other members of Illopond. Hope to see you there!

“8” Featured on Chris Oatley’s Artcast and On Sale at The Illustrated Section

Big news on the “8: A Kid’s Book Anthology” front! The long-awaited episosde of Chris Oatley’s Artcast featuring myself and the other anthology creators has been released! Go check it out to learn more about how we did it!

Another bit of related news is that the book is now available for digital download over at The Illustrated Section, created by Dani Jones. There you can purchase and download a PDF of the book. You get all the same great content at a fraction of the cost! Please check it out and definitely look around because she has a huge range of books for sale, including “Pest Control” by Mark Harmon, who contributed a story to the anthology.