Unbalanced: Remix!

Sorry the blog has been a little slow lately!  Now that it’s a month away from the wedding and we’ve started making plans for our move to Denver this summer, life has gotten a bit out of hand. Since I’m now looking for jobs in Denver (anyone got any hot tips?) I’m also working on redesigning my resume and creating a promotional piece in hopes of really standing out in the job search.  I’m focusing all my energy on preparing to search for a graphic design job or even an internship because this move is a huge opportunity to get into something that I’m really passionate about.  I will be taking off the entire month of July to work on all of the above and to continue with the children’s book I’m illustrating.

Today I was doing a lot of thinking about how I want to market myself and my work whether it’s via my resume and my website.  I think it’s time I upgraded to a more professional website, but before I do that I need to decide what kind of look and feel I will be going for.  And that means that I need to settle on a style and market (for now) and really focus in that direction.  The above piece is a direct result of me trying to determine that focus.

In the past, I have gotten the most positive response when I post detailed, cross-hatched drawings like Unbalanced, Steampunk Monkey or Renewal.  This is definitely work I love to do, but I wonder how marketable the style will be if it remains black and white only.  Tonight, I decided I would take one of these drawings and throw some color behind it to see if that could be a way to combine the two ways that I’ve been working.  I could retain the cross-hatching and level of detail without being limited to black and white.  This isn’t a perfect color scheme, by any means, but I would really appreciate your thoughts on it or on the subject of style.