Awesome Word Choice!



My latest illustration for a piece about the evolution of the English language – the good and the bad. Does your “awesome” pot roast truly inspire fear and awe?

The Ripple Effect of Student Debt



All my experimentation is starting to pay off. This illustration is about the far-reaching effects of student debt in this country. The whole issue is such a shame and really hits home for my husband and myself who will likely be paying student loans for several decades to come.

These days I’m using a heavily mixed-media technique. At the moment it’s more time consuming than my previous work, but as I do it more I’m sure I will be able to┬áspeed things up. One of the biggest challenges with incorporating more digital aspects to the work is the sheer amount of choices you have when choosing colors and layer effects. It takes real experience to sort out what looks best and what looks the way YOU want it to look. I’m quite happy with this piece and I’m looking forward to continuing the growth of my work with each piece.

As per usual, this piece is available as a print here.

Waking From Dreams of “Blogger Guy”



This is a recent illustration I created about a woman who is tired of meeting people on the internet. She is a blogger who slowly developed an online-only relationship with a man who had commented on her blog only to discover much later that he was a complete fake.

I’m experimenting a lot with my process at the moment which has been very rewarding – despite the fact it┬átakes much longer for now. This new work is truly mixed media and you can expect to see more of it in the future.

Below is the original ink drawing of the woman. I was so pleased with this drawing and I feel that it actually came out better than the final illustration, so I have added it to my portfolio. I’ve also got prints of the piece available in my print shop.